Tell Congress: Don't prohibit GMO labeling

Americans deserve to know what's in their food

The new Congress is in office, and they’re gearing up to reintroduce the DARK Act -- and we need you to fight back.

The DARK Act would prevent states from passing GMO laws. It is an attack on our right to know, and its up to us to make our voices heard.

GMO Foods are extremely new, and as such the possible long-term effects are still unclear. Consumers should be able to play it safe when shopping and preparing meals for their families, by choosing non-GMO products. An estimated 80 percent of processed foods contain GE ingredients, and the lack of clear labeling on packaging is creating customer confusion.

Big industrial agriculture companies like Monsanto have a big financial stake in their proprietary genetically modified crops—but it’s time for Congress to vote for what’s right.

Add your name to show that you stand with the 93% of Americans who support labeling genetically modified food.